The most fully featured application available for charting and diagramming:

Native Mac app

Easy to use User Interface

Specially designed styles of elements and connectors

Full suite of flow chart elements

NEW! Command driven diagramming. Simply type a command (for example:  A–>B) and the flowchart is built automatically for you. Supported flowcharts and sequence diagrams. See help for flowchart commands, help for sequence commands.

NEW! Vector drawing tools inside Diagrammix! Draw your own shapes! See details.

NEW! Smart Connectors. Smart Connectors provide advanced object-avoiding orthogonal and polyline connector routing. See details.

BETA! Import OmniGraffle (OmniGraffle is a registered trademark of the Omni Group) stencils from Graffletopia.com. This feature is available today but still in development. Please, report about possible problems during import. See also the help section Import for details. Real money casinos & pokies in Australia. Online casinos in Australian gives players a chance to win real cash jackpots.

Retina, iCloud, Sandboxing, Versions and Fullscreen are supported

Built-in clipart: network, office, people, Apple devices. You can also create your own image library.

Export to PDF, SVG, PNG, JPG, TIFF.

Built-in sets of network shapes, people shapes and other shapes

Built-in support for UML class diagrams – sequence diagrams coming soon


Image annotation (photos, screenshots, etc.) mode

Templates with Customizable style

Scalable arrows

Ready-to-connect elements and connectors

Quick connector feature and shortcut, and Connector tool on the toolbar

Straight, polyline, smooth Bezier and orthogonal connectors

Thin and thick connectors

Automatic and manual hotspot placement for attaching connectors

Element size auto-corresponds with inner text

Multiple layout rules for text on a connector

Movable text on the connector by dragging markers

Automatic hierarchic layout with minimum of intersections


Guides and smart guides


Double-click mode to edit text or editing mode in the popup editor (‘t’ shortcut)

Quick copy/paste styles from one selection to another

Predefined color sets or ability to create your own color scheme

Simultaneously changing of styles of selected elements and connectors in Inspector

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