Shortcut Action
c Start connector with source in the selected shape.
t Open text editor for the selected shape or connector.
p Show panel with style options for the selected shape or connector.
Esc Close popup window or text editor when it is opened or activate tool “Select Tool”.
s Activate tool “Move Sticky Spot Tool”.
z Activate tool “Zoom In Tool”.
x Activate tool “Zoom Out Tool”.
Space Activate tool “Pan Tool”.
Shift+Cmd+M Open “Change attributes” inspector for the selection.
Shift+Cmd+B Open “Image manager” to manage shapes with your style or just any extern images.
Shift+Cmd+L Open/close “Layers Palette” for the selection.
Cmd+G Group items in the selection.
Shift+Cmd+G Ungroup items in the selection.
Cmd+D Duplicate selected shape.
Double click on a shape on the palette. Add a shape to the center of the window.
Cmd+1 Make selected connector straight.
Cmd+2 Make selected connector polyline.
Cmd+3 Make selected connector smooth.
Cmd+4 Make selected connector orthogonal.
Cmd+5 Save defaults of selected object.
Cmd+6 Apply defaults to selected object.
Cmd+7 Reset defaults for selected object only.
Cmd+8 Reset all defaults.